Privacy Policy

Please ready through our privacy policy in detail.
Should you need any clarifications, please do feel free to get in touch with us.


1. Services to Minors


  1. We only do business with adults. We do not knowingly engage in business with minors.
  2. You may only use the application with the guidance of your parents if you are not of legal age to do business in your country of residence.
  3. If we become aware that we have collected or received personal information from a minor on our website or web application, we will delete that information.


2. Personal Information


In order to provide the Services, we need to collect certain information from our customers. Here is a summary of the information we collect from our customers and what we do with it:

  1. We collect your name, email address and IP address. We need this information to provide you with the Services, such as to confirm your identity and contact you.
  2. You may voluntarily provide additional information regarding your registered account, such as any API keys provided or images or videos you choose to upload.
  3. We collect data on websites hosted by, including how you interact with those websites. We also collect data about how and when you access your account to provide you with access and continuously improve our Services.
  4. When you voluntarily share personal information with us in connection with your course delivery and use of our services, we store that personal information.
  5. When transactions between you and our website involve payment by credit card, debit card, check, money order and/or third party online payment services, we will collect transaction-related information as part of our business dealings with you, including billing address, phone number and other transaction information.
  6. When you share personal information about your customers (“learners”) we store this information for you so you can handle registrations and better serve customers.


3. Customers’ students/subscribers


To provide our services to you, we collect and store information about your students so that you and them can benefit from our services, such as providing your course to students for delivery, use AI to review your course contents,your course engagement with your students etc.. Here are some additional details about what information we collect and why.

  1. We allow you to collect the names, email addresses and other personal information of your customers. A name and email address are required to allow individuals to access our Services for processes such as processing your registration, authentication, or course administration. This information is provided on a voluntary basis when a customer uses or accesses our Services, for example when a customer visits, enrolls in a course, or creates an account on the skolar site. li.
  2. We collect information about how your students interact with your courses and website, including but not limited to course progress, test results, survey results, contributions discussions or forums and other student activities.
  3. You may collect additional information about your learners as part of your course management process. As the course administrator, it is your responsibility to ensure that the information is collected legally. You should provide your own privacy policy to your students and we recommend that you consult a legal advisor to understand how to ensure that you are adequately protecting the privacy of your students. learn.
  4. processes this information through the platform to administer the Services. You also have the option to access andnbsp; delete your practitioner andrsquo; information at any time. may retain aandnbsp; copy of Studentsandrsquo; information to comply with its legal or regulatory obligations.
  5. Certain transactions between learners and our website or your courses & nbsp; may involve payment by credit card, debit card, check, money order & nbsp; and/or third-party online payment services. In such transactions, Weandnbsp; will collect transaction-related information to provide you with the Services, including billing address, phone number, and other transaction-related information.
  6. We may also receive personal information from our partners and third parties.
  7. If customers choose to use third-party tools or integrations & nbsp; As part of their use of our Services, these third-party tools may collect your personal information on their terms. and nbsp; has no control over third-party tools or integrations, and you expressly acknowledge that is not responsible for the privacy and practices associated with tools and integrations that case.


4. website visitors and support users


  1. We collect information from people who visit the website, including your IP address and how you interact with our website. We also collect information such as the date of your visit, the website you visited before visiting us, the website you visit when leaving our website, the operating system of your computer, location data and the type of web browser you use.
  2. We also collect personal information that you submit through any messaging or email functionality available on any of our websites.
  3. We may also receive personal information when you submit a help ticket or make other requests to through one of our websites
  4. We also collect names and phone numbers. the user's voicemail from the 'Helpline.
  5. For all people who email us for help, we collect your name, email address, location, website address and any communication with a agent
  6. If you use our forums or communities, we collect your name and any of your content upload.


5. Cookies and Tracking technologies


We use site cookies and/or similar third-party tracking technologies on our websites and applications. This information may be used to track your session on our website. Cookies may also be used to personalize our website content to you as an individual.

6. Third Parties

We do not sell your information, your student's information, your courses or marketing materials or any other contents you have uploaded to our application with any other 3rd party services or organization.


7. Terminating account with


At any given point, should you wish for any of your information to be deleted from our application/servers/storage engines, please send an email to [email protected] and our team shall delete all of your information within 1 business week and communicate the status to you. Should you have backedup any of your data on our servers, those shall be deleted too. Data once deleted can not be recovered.


8. Securing Personal Information


Our webapplication is hosted on Digital Ocean, a premier Global Cloud hosting service. All the necessary security processes are in place to ensure your data is secure, including but not limited to data access within the organization and firewalls put in place for the global internet traffic.


9. Usernames and Passwords


Every user has a unique user id which they are able to use to login to our applicaiton. No two users will share the same username. We enforce strict policy on sharing of username and passwords, should we learn, any of the Educators share username and passwords to create courses and deliver them, we shall terminate the account with immediate effect, and shall blacklist the Educator(s) from using any time in the future.


10. Information Modification / Correction


While most of your information are editable on the website, we do not allow for modifications of some business critical information for security and compliance purposes, like GST, Government Issued ID etc.. Should you need any of these to be deleted, please reach out to us at [email protected]