Create & deliver Digital Learning at Scale

With easy to use creator tools and SKAI to complement your learning plans you can now easily deliver learning / training programs at scale. Our teams can even assist you in creating custom branded UI

Quizes & Tests

Monitor learner performance, with periodic quizes and tests

Personalized Learning

Set individual learners on their learning paths and monitor performance improvement

360° feedback

Learn and understand what works for whom, assisting your delivery plannign

Vector Curve

A eco-system of Continual learning!

Empowering countinouscycle of Learning & improved productivity

Skolarli removes the barriers to learning, by providing a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and seamless access to diverse learning resources and formats, eliminating any technical or accessibility obstacles that could hinder the learning process.
By incorporating easy accessibility elements, interactive and personalized contents, and social learning functionalities, Skolarli ensures that learners stay motivated, enjoy the learning process, and have the freedom to choose the formats they wish to learn in and grow at their own pace, ultimately fostering an interest for learning.
Improved Performance

Designed to motivate learners to excel

Easy to access and device agnostic content delivery
Easy access to batch schedules and training curriculums
Interactive quizes and tests engine
Built in learning tools drive by SKAI(™) to help convert to the digital formats learners love to learn from
Supports bite sized learning - Micro learning courses
Advanced learning content traversal and notepad
Enables students to engage directly with trainers, fostering a supportive environment to seek clarification, doubts redresal, & personalized guidance.
Improve Productivity

Designed to save time for trainers

Engaging and Interactive course creation tools
Easy batch management and scheduling
Easy Quiz creation by randomizing questions from question bank
Easy Quiz creation by randomizing questions from question bank
Curriculum reccomendation engine powered by SKAI(™)
Secure content hosting, ensuring your contents are not access by unintended audiences
Our Proffesional training management team can assist with trainings for learners at the same time 'Train the Trainers'

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24/7 Fanatic support

A great software is only as good as the support it offers! Experience peace of mind knowing that our dedicated focus on support ensures your software performs at its best for your organization.